Hon Ibrahim M. Bashir Consul General of Nigeria, Buea.

The Consulate General of Nigeria, Buea Republic of Cameroon is pleased to publish the maiden edition of her official website that provides facts on Nigerian and highlights the various services rendered by the mission.

The mission is strategic and one of the oldest Nigerian diplomatic post in abroad, established in 1961. It is charged basically for providing Consular services for teeminng population of Nigerians living in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Such Nigerians constitutes over 65% of estimated four million Nigerians residing in Cameroon.

The strategic nature of the mission is hinged on historical and final relationship between Nigeria and Anglo -Saxon Cameroon. In this regards all of Anglo-Saxon Cameroon was administered by Britain as part of Nigeria until 1961 plebiscite when the area voted to join La Republque. Read more……

Muhammadu Buhari GCFR President of Federal Republic of Nigeria

Geofferey Onyeoma Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria

Foreign Policies

Conducting Relation With Host Authority

Control of Issuance of Visas, Travel Certificate and Consular Identity Cards

Welfare of Nigerian Nationals in Cameroon

Determinination of Diplomatic Immunity

Security of the Missions

Principal Representational Duties

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head Quarters, Abuja Nigeria
Consulate General of Nigeria, Buea Cameroon

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