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Visitors to Nigeria are allowed with 4 liters of alcoholic beverages and 200 cigarettes duty free. Personal effects are also allowed duty free. Visitors may export souvenirs, although some articles (e.g. animal skill and antiques) require export permit. Illegal drugs of all description are not allowed into Nigeria.

The Nigerian Customs Service has developed a virtual single windows framework called Nigeria integrated customs information system (NICIS) to facilitate, secure and enhance the management of trade. The NICIS introduces state of art services for electronic trade featuring.

The Nigeria Single Window Trade Portal is a cross-government website that opens a new era for trade facilitation by offering a single portal for trade actors, both Nigerian and international, to access a full range of resources and standardized services from different Nigerian government agencies. The NSW Trade Portal facilitates trade by offering a platform for users to:

Nigeria Customs Service provides effective clearance of goods crossing the borders and anti-smuggling services in ways that maximize revenue collection and promote trade competitiveness.


A new trade platform powered by the TradeWorldManager® (TWM®) software, interconnecting Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) with all stakeholders in a common business environment based on internationally recognized best practices.




  • Nigeria Customs Service is a reference and model administration with excellence in providing effective and efficient service to accomplish all dimensions of its mission.
  • That the Service is a modern, compact and dynamic Service that influences policy and contributes to Nigeria development.
  • That the Service is recognized as being in the vanguard of Customs best practices and international standards.
  • To excel in the efficient and timely collection of and accounting for revenue.
  • Implementation of and advice on Governmental trade and fiscal policies;
  • Promotion of trade facilitation;
  • Protection of Nigerian society, generation of accurate and precise statistical data by developing a professional, transparent administration that implements international best practices and obligations.
Customs Comproller General on Inpection


  • Consult trade information online. For example, tariff search, arrived vessels, regulatory guidelines
  • Submit trade documents and track their trade transaction status online
  • Pay online through e-payment facilities using credit card (this function to be deployed in the next phase)
  • Access help-desk, trouble tickets, and other support services online (for registered users)
  • Quickly reference important information on different government agencies involved in trade matters,
    as well as link to their websites through a convenient hub. Read more….



Anti Smuggling Service

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